With more than a century of combined banking experience, there’s no one better to understand and navigate your business strategy, and ensure alignment with internal bank and regulatory requirements. We can manage the inevitable change along the way, assisting with equity partnership formation, governance leadership, and debt and interest rate structuring. Pair this with our understanding of all aspects of farming business, and you have a specialisation that’s second to none.



Most farmers don’t truly appreciate the strength of their position or the options they can consider to grow their business. With an in-depth and accurate assessment of your business, you may find that you’re in a much stronger position than you realised, which provides greater confidence and new possibilities. Our expertise is in representing this to your bank in a way that achieves the best outcome for you.



You understand how critical it is that your bank understands and supports your farming business and family aspirations. That’s where we come in. We sit at your table, not the banks’. And, like you, we’re independent and passionate about the sector. With a comprehensive assessment and bespoke proposal on your behalf, our team of agri finance experts can clearly and compellingly articulate your position, and represent you in the best way possible.

Driving your


We’re not suppliers. We’re a specialist working with you and your other trusted partners to fully understand your business and help drive it forward. We provide peace of mind and fresh thinking about further opportunities, giving you the freedom to get on with what you do best.

A lasting


As family is the basis of many effective farming units, so to it is with us, it’s our foundation keeping us grounded, stable and constant. We are there for the long haul, continuing to work with you to achieve better banking outcomes and providing value that will be retained well into the future.


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The best people in the banking industry, on your side of the table.



Using the latest technology and smart systems to own and control the banking process.

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